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Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Introducing our newest Vivsoftian, the New ENBUILD Mascot! This lovable, sincere, and fun-loving elephant is helping folks build next generation platforms using ENBUILD, our DevSecOps/MLOps accelerator. She is a social, attentive, compassionate, (and in our opinion – cute) representation of what ENBUILD has to offer. But why an elephant? Elephants are not only the largest animal on the planet, but they have great empathy, large brains, excellent memory, and are great team players helping humans build amazing things.

Much like what ENBUILD offers to any cloud or on-premises environment by being cloud-agnostic and tool agnostic, elephants are considered engineers in their own ecosystems. Elephant footprints create accessible, easy-to-navigate pathways developing a more efficient and effective ecosystem and reduce the barrier of entry, similar to ENBUILD’s mission to streamline and simplify your on-prem or cloud platform deployments.

These characteristics represent the core values of all VivSoftians and are embodied in our ENBUILD accelerator. We codify and retain our collective experience and knowledge in ENBUILD. ENBUILD empowers government teams to build and deploy cutting edge technologies with Human- Centered Design that matches the ease of use in consumer digital offerings. She aims to make the development and delivery of government services with ENBUILD just as gratifying and fulfilling an experience as the products people use as consumers. Our citizens and warfighters deserve the same simple and effective solutions and experience to move the nation forward.

ENBUILD is a powerful accelerator built with a focus on teamwork and empathy for platform and application teams building next generation solutions. It simplifies the complexity in deploying complex stacks like DoD’s Platform One. Pain points in Day 1 and Day 2 operations are addressed by ENBUILD through its intuitive interface. Using ENBUILD, any agency can deploy Platform One or similar DevSecOps / MLOps capabilities into their own cloud or on-premises environments.

We love her and we hope you do, too.

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