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Building solutions using 12 Factor App Methodology.  High performance mission focused & metric driven teams.


Problem Discovery

Implementing US Digital Services best practice to conduct workshops and capture user journey pain points across agencies. We are implementing multiple SBIR Phase II projects in US Air Force using the USDS methodology. 


Work towards a common understanding of the end user requirements. Bring all stakeholders to the table.

User Journeys

Capture end-to-end user journey. Categorize and prioritize features. Design usable functionality in layers.

Wireframing / Mockups 

Validate assumptions and incorporate user feedback. Avoid generating throw away code.


Lean Methodology

We put people first and persona based user journeys capture end user interactions. Acceptance criteria in defined based on reverse knowledge transfer to avoid throw away code & usable small batch release cycles allow continuous feedback.

Groom User Stories

With curated user stories, the team knows why they are building, what they're building, and what value it creates. 

Continuous Validation

Continuously validating the end to end solution is critical to avoiding throw away code. Manual validation prevents automating the wrong thing.

Continuous Feedback

Engaging end users through small batch releases supports adjustments and ensures that everyone on the same page.


Codified Build and Test Automation

Our developers understand the criticality of shift left security. Using automation to deploy pre-approved Infrastructure as Code and pre-approved hardened containers, we mitigate security and delivery risks.

Automated IaC/CaC

Our ENBUILD accelerator contains codified IaC/CaC for DoD frameworks like SCCA and DevSecOps reference design.


We address security in each layer of the stack. Cloud, Node, OS, Cluster, Containers and Applications using NIST 800 frameworks.

MLOps Solutions

We build emerging technologies with baked in lifecycle management including adversarial drift detection and explainability. 



Codified Metrics, Auto Remediation, Cost / Security Management

Codified Metrics

We capture DevSecOps metrics and align them with security and performance metrics for releases. This gets the operations visibility into the dev cycle.

Security & Auto Remediation

Cloud APIs provide capabilities to automated desired state. Our custom hooks into these APIs monitor for security and configuration drift and realign and remediate resources.

Cost Management

Cost Management has to being with CaC templates. By capturing environment specific parameters, tagging, and turning off unused resources we mitigate wasted spend. 


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