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We are a talented and diverse team of people who are steadfastly committed to our values and mission. We take a human-centered approach to everything we do — from our design and research practices to how we nurture a strong and inclusive company culture. We never lose sight of the fact that our work has broad and long-term impacts on people.


Human Based Design

We provide a deeply nuanced understanding of real people, their expectations, their emotions, and the challenges they face. This allows us to create customized solutions for our clients.


We believe that working transparently leads to accountability and fosters community engagement.

Agile Practices

we develop solutions well before we start writing code. Agility shapes how we approach everything from content and marketing to human-centered design.

Creating Partnerships

From discovery to design to delivery, our cross-functional team works closely with our partners and stakeholders.


Navin Gunalan

Arun Sanna 
Sr. Cloud Engineer
Collin Arnett
Machine Learning Engineer Intern
Guna Murugasamy
Recruitment Specialist
Zeeshan Khan
Sr. Information Security Engineer
Tapasvi Kaza

Tuyen Le
UI Engineer
Dylan Fernandes 
Proposal Writer
Jasmine Sossa
Sr. Designer
Megha Singh
Proposal Manager
Victor Ishola
VP PMO / Cybersecurity Practice
Arthur Treichel
Brad Alexander
Sr. DevSecOps Engineer
Brendan Dwyer
Sr. DevSecOps Engineer
Elvis Chi
Sr. DevSecOps Engineer
Gayathri Krishna
Finance Specialist
Jarad Forristal
Machine Learning Intern
Jinoy Parekh
Sr. DevSecOps Engineer
Norman Noplock
Data Science Engineer
Parth Modi
Full Stack Developer
Pavan Mandal
Director of Recruitment
Sudhakar Kalindindi
Full Stack Developer
Sujit Samuel
Human Resources Consultant
Tom Wallick
Sr. Cloud Engineer
Charles Martin
Cyber Security Engineer
IT Operations Engineer
Richard Olayinka
Cloud Engineer
Noel Georgi
Senior DevSecOps Engineer

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