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Empowering Mission Owners and Co-creating Solutions to complex public sector problems.



Digital services and data driven projects need new capabilities & partnerships.

Mission owners want to provide value added services to their constituents. They are embracing Human Centered Design and Design Thinking methodologies to drive outcomes. Managing budgets and timelines to build high performance teams that create data driven digital services is a continuous challenge.


To embrace these new methods of building solutions, Mission owners need partners who are collaborative and bring proven, secure and repeatable digital services experience to maximize impact. 



1. Focus on co-creating quick value for the mission.

2. Engage end users, continuously validate assumptions and avoid throw away work.
3. Reduce time to deliver by using codified patterns.

Vivsoft is a productized services company that understands HCD and Design Driven development. Our team comprises of designers, product managers and engineers who worked in enterprise companies and leading government product teams. 

Mission applications consist of standard components such as Landing Zones, Cloud Security, Data Ingestion Stacks, Automation (MLOps, DevSecOps and CI/CD) pipeline tooling. These are standard tools that can be deployed with minor customization and constitute undifferentiated grunt work.


The dynamic components such as Data Ingestion, Data Analytics, Custom Microservices, Domain specific Machine Learning Models and Process automation are unique challenges that require a clear understanding of the domain.

VivSoft codifies the undifferentiated grunt work and delivers that at a fraction of the cost and time it takes to build from scratch. This enables us to collaborate and co-create functional solutions with mission owners to unlock value for their organizations.


We delivered solutions for Healthcare, DoD and Transportation Agencies. We worked with Federal and State Government.

Our Engineers, Designers and Product Managers are building:

- Secure Landing Zones

- Cloud Migration / Modernization

- Data Ingestion, Analytics and Visualization

- Software Factories (MLOps, DevSecOps and CI/CD)

- Data Science and ML Solutions - (OCR / Digital

   Assistants, Object Recognition)

- IoT Integrations

- Custom Microservices and Dashboards

- 3D printing Market Place

- Cybersecurity Automation and Compliance

- Blockchain based supply chain management

- Process Automation

Need more details?
We are here to assist. Connect with us anytime.

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