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Advancing Defense with Shift-Left Trusted AI and ENBUILD

In today's fast-evolving landscape of national defense, the adoption of advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies isn't just beneficial—it's imperative. Directives from the Presidential Executive Order on AI leadership and the DoD's National Defense Strategy underline this urgency, emphasizing that our technological edge is pivotal not just for keeping pace but for safeguarding national security.

Reliable AI Systems in Defense

AI systems in defense aren't merely about harnessing the power of new technologies but ensuring they are safe, reliable, and effective throughout their lifecycle. This need becomes especially critical as the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) and other entities evaluate AI/ML's role in maintaining our decision-making advantages in real-time scenarios. Here, the importance of AI assurance in defense applications surfaces, requiring systems that developers and operational teams can trust under all conditions.

Shift-Left Trusted AI Assurance

To meet these complex requirements, adopting a Shift-Left Trusted AI Assurance approach is more than a strategic advantage—it’s a necessity. This methodology involves integrating crucial AI assurance processes early in the development cycle. Key to this strategy is the implementation of a comprehensive AI assurance framework, featuring tools like the Defense AI Guide on Risk (DAGR), SHIELD, and others from the Responsible AI Toolkit (RAI) put forth by the Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Office (CDAO). These tools are designed to handle over 20 factors, field more than 100 questions, and equip teams with over 70 tools to ensure every facet of AI deployment is covered, robust, and compliant with standards like the Risk Management Framework (RMF) and the Privacy Act.

Why Shift-Left for Human-Machine Teaming

In the realm of national defense, where AI assists in making split-second decisions that could determine the outcomes of complex operations, the integration of AI and human decision-making processes—known as Human-Machine Teaming—is vital. This integration requires that AI systems be not only fast and efficient but also exceptionally reliable and secure. The shift-left approach essentially embeds security and assurance at the earliest stages of software development, ensuring these systems are built with a foundation strong enough to support critical defense operations without fail.

The "Sense, Make Sense, Act" C2 paradigm underscores the importance of swift and intelligent decision-making in defense scenarios. Human-Machine Teaming enables rapid and reliable response to dynamic operational environments, leveraging structured frameworks like ENBUILD to enhance both human and automated decision-making processes.

ENBUILD: Streamlining AI Deployment

VivSoft's ENBUILD platform revolutionizes how defense teams deploy AI. By automating the Shift-Left Trusted AI Assurance implementation, ENBUILD allows teams to rapidly integrate, test, and evolve AI tools and algorithms within their existing frameworks. ENBUILD's no-license accelerator makes it easier to categorize, templatize, and integrate AI/ML algorithms, tools, libraries, and training capabilities within an easy-to-navigate user interface.

ENBUILD adds significant value to the Shift-Left Trusted AI process by providing a modular and scalable approach to AI tool integration. It enables continuous adaptation of AI tools to align with dynamic operational requirements, ensuring that AI deployments are not only compliant but also optimally configured for current and future missions. This agility is crucial in defense settings, where the ability to quickly adjust and optimize AI applications can significantly enhance mission outcomes.

Moreover, the incorporation of Shift-Left AI Testing (SLAIT) into ENBUILD's framework enhances these capabilities by offering a more streamlined, categorizing, templatizing, and integration framework. This approach facilitates faster testing of algorithms and integrations into tooling systems, crucial for rapid deployment and continuous adaptation of AI systems. SLAIT's role in operationalizing a continuous learning environment ensures that AI systems can be rapidly assessed and adapted, meeting the ever-changing demands of defense operations.

Onward with Innovation

As AI continues to integrate into national defense strategies, the methodologies we employ to develop and deploy these technologies must evolve. Shift-Left Trusted AI offers a proactive framework that not only meets the immediate needs of AI assurance but also sets a foundation for future advancements. By embedding responsibility and reliability at the earliest stages of AI development through initiatives like ENBUILD, we ensure that our AI capabilities remain robust, responsive, and ahead of the curve, reinforcing our readiness and resilience for human-machine teaming in an ever-changing threat landscape.

About the author:

Samuel Kim is a Chief Architect at VivSoft. He is an expert in building emerging tech platforms and focused on delivering mission-focused solutions. He is passionate about AI/ML, GenAI, DevSecOps, Cloud-Native Development, and Cybersecurity. 

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