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We Build Open, Cloud Native, Kubernetes Based Software Factories, Data Science Platforms and Applications 

Cloud Migrations / Modernization

We work on codified patterns that repeat across agencies. These patterns require blueprints for landing zones, data management, security and compliance. We implement DoD Cloud and DevSecOps reference designs using codified templates.

Emerging Technologies

We are deploying AI/ML, Blockchain and 3D printing supply chain management for DoD customers. Our proven experience with these emerging technologies eliminates the risk associated with bringing these technologies from prototype POCs to production. 


Empower your mission application developers by simplifying the creation and consumption of solution stacks. 

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Our ENBUILD accelerator provides out-of-the box deployments without the risk of vendor lock in. It is based on DISA accredited hardened containers, implementing DISAs Secure Cloud Computing Architecture, NIST Guidelines and DoD's DevSecOps Reference Design.  Solution stack selections are packaged, integrated and deployed on GovCloud environments (IL2/IL4/IL5, disconnected).

Our solutions are deployed using DevSecOps and MLOps pipelines to allow rapid prototyping of use cases like Predictive Maintenance, Multi-Sensor Integrations, OCR based form processing and Service Request automations. 



Next generation platforms are based on converged Machine-to-Machine Data Exchanges. We specialize in solving complex solutions by integrating open technologies, using our productized services.


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Multiple personas need to collaborate to deliver agile solutions. There are codified  components that each of these personas need to rapidly prototype, develop and deploy solutions. 


Our productized services capture these repeating patterns as lego blocks that can be assembled to deliver secure applications without redoing the same undifferentiated heavy lifting.

Our mantra - Develop, Assemble, Integrate and Deliver.


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Application Pipelines

MLOps Pipelines

We build DoD DevSecOps Reference Design based CI/CD automation.


These automated pipelines build and deploy Containerized Microservices and MLOps data pipelines for Data Science with GitOps integrations.

Each Stage of the automation is built in compliance with DoD Enterprise DevSecOps Reference Design approved tools to accelerate accreditation.


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Migration as Code using

DISA SCCA architecture.

Build IaC and CaC templates for cloud, containers, application manifest using GitOps.


Cloud Native Application Development & Data Science Platform Deployment.

Build API driven, event based, serverless microservices on a service mesh of choice.


A tool agnostic pipeline-driven approach. CI/CD for modern workload build & deployment.

Choose the right mix of pipeline components to comply with DoD's Reference design.

Data Science

MLOps lifecycle solutions based on Reproducible Data Pipelines.


End-to-end build and management with Adversarial Drift Detection, Explainability and synthetic data generation capabilities.

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