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What is Big Bang?

Platform One’s (P1) Big Bang is a DevSecOps platform built from DoD hardened and approved packages. It is a cloud and vendor agnostic platform that helps Government agencies and regulated industries build a custom software factory with baked in security.

Why should agencies deploy Big Bang?

Big Bang implements the core components of a DevSecOps stack as outlined by DoD’s DevSecOps Reference Design 2.0.

Because of the baked-in security, Agencies can focus on mission specific needs and enable faster development and deployment of mission applications. Big Bang provides valuable shift left security, includes CI/CD DevSecOps pipelines and offers a secure Kubernetes platform for hosting micro-services. In addition, it provides a collection of approved and compliant Infrastructure as Code (IaC) playbooks, Kubernetes distributions and hardened containers. It integrates with GitHub and GitLab for orchestration and is cloud agnostic.

What are the challenges in deploying Big Bang? Any agency looking to get started on their DevSecOps journey can leverage Big Bang and customize it as required. Given the complexity of the stack, there are various challenges involved in Big Bang deployment:

  1. Big Bang consists of multiple technologies and teams have a challenge in visualizing and integrating the tools.

  2. The deployment might need customization based on the needs and requirements of individual companies and their infrastructure.

  3. There is a lack of Human-Centered Design to understand Kubernetes installation which can be a challenge for some teams.

  4. Managing cognitive load for platform engineers is a challenge.

  5. Manual Big Bang deployment can take months.

How does ENBUILD simplify Big Bang Deployment?

VivSoft's ENBUILD accelerator is an easy button for Big Bang deployment. It was co-created with Platform One to address the automation, security, and trustworthiness of DevSecOps automation. It is a UI framework designed to abstract the complexities and simplify the deployment of Big Bang.

Its intuitive and Human-Centered Design simplifies Big Bang deployments. Using ENBUILD, any agency can deploy the Big Bang into their own cloud (AWS/Azure/Google/Oracle) or on-premises environments. ENBUILD by design provides Shift Left security with support for GitOps based Continuous Delivery. This out-of-the-box implementation of the DoD DevSecOps Reference Design enables faster approval cycles and fast tracks Continuous ATO for government agencies.

What are the 5 steps to Big Bang Deployment with ENBUILD? ENBUILD deploys Big Bang in 5 simple steps:

1. Login to ENBUILD

2. Choose Big Bang from the catalog.

3. Provide the repository and registry credentials along with parameters for encrypting the sensitive configuration data.

4. Select the DevSecOps tools for each layer (Service Mesh, Security, Logging, Monitoring and CI) and provide values for variables. ENBUILD will auto-encrypt secrets.

5. Provide the Infrastructure details and click on “CREATE STACK” to deploy Big Bang.

ENBUILD shows the different stages of the pipeline that are completed and the associated logs.

ENBUILD simplifies the challenges in Day 1 installation and configuration of a Big Bang Kubernetes cluster. It provides a packaged approach to monitor and manage Day 2 operations with upgrades to the platform and the automation tools.

With ENBUILD, you can deploy Big Bang in days instead of weeks/months. Federal customers can now build solutions without spending time and money on components that are already available with baked-in DoD security best practices.

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