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United States Air Force (USAF) Platform One (P1) BOA


The US Air Force Platform One (P1) program is a DoD-wide enterprise service capability with the goal to make the DoD Enterprise DevSecOps Platform initiative (DSOP) a reality.  P1 leverages industry best practices, open-source software such as Kubernetes and containers, and commercial solutions to instantiate DevSecOps continuous integration (CI)/continuous delivery (CD) pipelines at various classification levels.  P1 services are organized around five core value streams:

  • Big Bang:  A DevSecOps platform built from DoD hardened and approved packages deployed in a customer owned Kubernetes cluster.  Includes bi-weekly releases to ensure continuous security, compliance, and feature updates for Big Bang customers. 

  • Iron Bank:  P1’s hardened container image repository that supports the end-to-end lifecycle needed for modern software development.

  • Party Bus:  Provides application teams with environment and services needed to develop and deploy secure, compliant, and high-performance software applications.

  • Cyber:  Provides integrated cyber testing, monitoring, and event management for the infrastructure, platform, all enterprise services, and customer applications.

  • Cloud Native Access Point (CNAP):   AWS GovCloud environment which provides access to development, testing, and production enclaves at IL-2, IL-4, and IL-5 security levels.


The P1 BOA is used across the value streams to acquire DevSecOps and other expertise from contractors with a unified goal to make the DoD Enterprise DevSecOps Platform secure, reliable, flexible and adaptable for all USAF and DoD components.

What P1 BOA Offers

The P1 BOA provides P1 leadership with streamlined access to a vetted and exclusive set of cloud- and security-centric contractors which help P1 meet its core objectives, which are: 


  • Managing Software Factories for development teams so they can focus on building mission applications.

  • Decoupling development teams from factory teams with DevSecOps and Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) expertise.

  • Helping to instantiate DevSecOps CI/CD pipelines / software factories in days at various classification levels.

  • Building and leveraging the DoD hardened containers while avoiding one-size-fits-all architectures.

  • Fully compliance with the DoD Enterprise DevSecOps Initiative (DSOP) with DoD-wide reciprocity.

  • Centralizing the container hardening of 300+ enterprise containers (databases, development tools, CI/CD tools, cybersecurity tools, etc.).


The P1 BOA also supports DoD, Intel and Civilian Agencies seeking these types of modernization capabilities in their operations.

How to use P1 to transform your Applications and Systems

VivSoft brings 4+ years of continuous experience supporting P1 and can provide guidance on how to rapidly onboard applications and systems. In addition to supporting DoD agencies, the P1 BOA offers Civilian agencies pathways to creating their own software factories which mirror the security and performance standards available in P1’s Big Bang products. Agencies can also pursue sole source awards using the P1 BOA. Contact Kat Logan for more information about how VivSoft can help you bring the benefits of P1 to your agency.

Contract Details

Contract Number: FA830723GB005
Period of Performance: Jan 6, 2023, to Jan 14, 2025
Total Ceiling Value: $2,000,000,000
NAICS: 541511

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