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Job Opportunity at VivSoft Technologies LLC 


Position title: DevSecOps Engineer 

Job Duties: 

  • Analyze, design, test, install, documentation, implement and support complex network solutions in cloud environments (i.e. AWS and Azure). 

  • Implement AWS solutions using EC2, VPC, S3, IAM, RDS, EBS, Route 53, ELB and Auto Scaling Groups to achieve a highly available, fault tolerant, secure, elastic and scalable cloud Environment. Build customized AWS Infrastructure for various applications from scratch and establish connectivity between various AWS resources.  

  • Participate in the creation of a DevOps-enabled automated CI/CD solution that delivers tools and processes for rapid application development efforts and on-going production operations. 

  • Collaborate with development, operations, and infrastructure teams to develop sound automation solutions. Troubleshoot automation issues and find practical solutions to address barriers, enabling forward movement in the application lifecycle. 

  • Working knowledge of Configuration Management (Chef, Puppet or Ansible preferred) Continuous Integration Tools (Jenkins, Bamboo). 

  • Strong use of Shell scripting languages including BASH for Linux and Mac platforms and PowerShell for Windows systems.  

  • Hands on experience in data processing automation using Python and Ruby. 

  • Use Low-level APIs such as the Amazon Web Services API and higher-level abstractions such as Boto, AWS SDK.  

  • Automate the cloud deployments using chef, python, AWS Cloud Formation Templates and Terraform.  

  • Work with Solution Architects to conduct proof of concepts (POCs) and assist in production implementations. 


Job Requirements:

  • Master’s degree or its foreign equivalent in electrical engineering, computer science, computer engineering, systems engineering, or a related field; and three years of experience in the job offered or as a software developer, Cloud Engineer, or in a related IT field.  

  • Prior experience must include knowledge and skills in Product Engineering, Cloud tools, DevSecOps Tools, MLOps Tools, DevOps Tools, version control tools, and Ingress controllers in Platforms. 


Worksite Location:

VivSoft Technologies LLC’s office at

13221 Woodland Park Rd, Ste 310

Herndon, VA 20171

or other unanticipated client location across the U.S. 


To Apply:

Send resume to HR

VivSoft Technologies, Inc.

13221 Woodland Park Rd, Ste 310

Herndon, VA 20171


or Email to: 

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