We Build Open, Cloud Native, Kubernetes Based Software Factories, Data Platforms and Applications


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Convergence of Technologies

Next generation platforms are based on converged Machine-to-Machine Data Exchanges.

We specialize in solving complex solutions using open technologies, Design Thinking, Human Centered Design and productized services

Productized Services

Factory Approach

We build DevSecOps CI/CD pipelines and MLOps data pipelines with GitOps integrations.


Each stage of the automation is built in compliance with DoD Enterprise DevSecOps Reference Design. 

Application Pipelines

MLOps Pipelines

Platform Tools

Productized Services

Templetizing Software Factory components to enable rapid deployment.  Enabling secure application development and assembly.

Our mantra - Develop, Assemble, Integrate and Deliver.


Migration as Code using

Cloud Native Templates. Ensure security, standardization and consistency.


Cloud Native Application Development & Data Lake Platform Deployment.


A tool agnostic pipeline-driven approach. CI/CD for modern workload build & deployment.


AI/ML Solutions based on Reproducible Data Pipelines.

Modern Enterprise Architecture Solutions with a focus on Infrastructure, Compliance, Policy, Configuration, Testing and Operations as Code.