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State of MD CATS+


CATS+ is a multiple award IDIQ used by the State of Maryland to procure IT consulting and technical services. CAT+ contract allows the State of Maryland to acquire IT professional expertise rapidly, providing State agencies with the flexibility of obtaining IT resources by issuing competitive Task Order Requests for Proposals (TORFP) or Requests for Resumes (RFR) specific to their needs. 

VivSoft supports 11 of the 17 functional areas of the contract and has supported the State of Maryland since 2014 through CATS+. We provide IT capabilities and modernization for Maryland’s Workers Compensation Commission, Election Security Board, and other state programs.

What State of MD CATS+ Offers

CATS+ includes 17 discrete service areas that provide consulting and technical services for all state agencies.  These services include web and internet services; electronic document management; geographical information systems; software engineering; systems/facilities management and maintenance; information systems security; IT and telecommunications financial and auditing; IT Management Consulting Services; Business Process Consulting Services; and documentation/technical writing. Key advantages of the contract are as follows: 

  • The CATS+ contract has an overall MBE subcontracting goal of 20%, which can be fulfilled only by companies certified as MBEs through MDOT 

  • Small Business Reserve (SBR)-solicitations may be issued for those companies certified as SBRs via eMaryland Marketplace. 

  • A TORFP may have any or all SBR, MBE, or VSBE goals set.

How to place an order

Visit CATS+ to learn more about this contract.  If you are a State of Maryland Buyer, please contact VivSoft Point of Contact below to learn how VivSoft can support your agency.  

Contract Details

Contract Number: 060B2490023-2016.
Period of Performance: Jan 25, 2017, to Apr 21, 2028
Total Ceiling Value: None

VivSoft Point of Contact

Navin Gunalan, CEO

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