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U.S. Air Force Awards AFWERX SBIR Contract to VivSoft

We are excited to announce that United States Air Force (USAF) awarded VivSoft a contract through its SBIR AFWERX technology innovation program to support the Focus Area: Air Force Cyber Systems and Process. VivSoft will apply its patent pending blockchain technology (ENCHOC) to help USAF secure MLOps and DevSecOps automation pipelines.

VivSoft's ENCHOC integrates with DevSecOps and MLOps pipelines to provide visibility into the context for how code and the data sets were created and deployed. It is an immutable chain of custody anchored in cryptographic keys for DevSecOps and MLOps pipelines. It provides the context for how code and the data sets were created, tested and deployed.

This capability is a core requirement for DevSecOps Platforms (DSOP) to ensure that there is an immutable chain of custody for software artifact audits. Code provenance along with build and runtime context is a mandatory layer of defense against the risk of malicious code entering a software environment without detection.

We are proud to be working with the U.S. Air Force to accelerate innovation by securing MLOps and DevSecOps automation. This technology will secure software artifacts and AI/ML data sets within federal government and promote cross agency collaboration.

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