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Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Share BPA


VivSoft, a productized services company focused on solving complex problems in the public sector using emerging and open technologies, is excited to announce that it has been awarded a prime contract by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) under its Solutioning with Holistic Analytics Restructured for the Enterprise (SHARE) BPA with a five-year period of performance and a $90 million ceiling.


VivSoft is a fast-growing small business that combines its ENBUILD accelerator with services to help customers and agencies rapidly build and deploy Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Analytics applications. It is the only small business chosen as a prime on this award.

Contract Details

This award adds HHS to VivSoft and its ENBUILD Accelerator’s growing list of clients including DoD PlatformOne, Airforce LevelUP, Financial Federal Agency and a major National Mortgage Association.

Contact Information

Contact Us to add your name to our client list.

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