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Empowering Mission Owners and Co-creating Solutions to complex public sector problems.


Digital services and data driven projects need new capabilities & partnerships.

Mission owners want to provide value added services to their constituents. They are embracing Human Centered Design and Design Thinking methodologies to drive outcomes. Managing budgets and timelines to build high performance teams that create data driven digital services is a continuous challenge.


To embrace these new methods of building solutions, Mission owners need partners who are collaborative and bring proven, secure and repeatable digital services experience to maximize impact. 



1. Focus on co-creating quick value for the mission.

2. Engage end users, continuously validate assumptions and avoid throw away work.
3. Reduce time to deliver by using codified patterns.

Vivsoft is a productized services company that understands HCD and Design Driven development. Our team comprises of designers, product managers and engineers who worked in enterprise companies and leading government product teams. 

Mission applications consist of standard components such as Landing Zones, Cloud Security, Data Ingestion Stacks, Automation (MLOps, DevSecOps and CI/CD) pipeline tooling. These are standard tools that can be deployed with minor customization and constitute undifferentiated grunt work.


The dynamic components such as Data Ingestion, Data Analytics, Custom Microservices, Domain specific Machine Learning Models and Process automation are unique challenges that require a clear understanding of the domain.

VivSoft codifies the undifferentiated grunt work and delivers that at a fraction of the cost and time it takes to build from scratch. This enables us to collaborate and co-create functional solutions with mission owners to unlock value for their organizations.


We delivered solutions for Healthcare, DoD and Transportation Agencies. We worked with Federal and State Government.

Our Engineers, Designers and Product Managers are building:

- Secure Landing Zones

- Cloud Migration / Modernization

- Data Ingestion, Analytics and Visualization Platforms

- Software Factories (MLOps, DevSecOps and CI/CD)

- Data Science and ML Solutions - (OCR / Digital

   Assistants, Object Recognition)

- IoT Integrations

- Custom Microservices and Dashboards

- 3D printing Market Place

- Cybersecurity Automation and Compliance

- Blockchain based supply chain management

- Process Automation

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CMS was migrating HIOS to AWS and modernizing the aggregation of data sources. 

Our Work:


VivSoft is working on the Health Insurance Oversight System (HIOS) application at CMS. Our work supports the cloud migration and aggregation of CMS data sources to be made public on a CMS consumer-facing website. The system contains several modules like PF, CAP, MLR, RRJ, RRG, HPOES, RBIS, ASSISTER, MQM. We work on these modules to gather different types of information. The Application generates reports, grants utilization and funding.


DevSecOps Innovation and Modernization



DoD Programs need deploy DevSecOps Software Factories with backed in hardened IaC and CaC capabilities into existing or new environments (including classified, disconnected and Clouds) within days.


Our Work:

Our team works within all Platform One offerings to simplify the onboarding and deployment automation of DevSecOps and Machine Learning Ops (MLOps) automation. The end result is tremendous cost and time savings and rapid delivery of advanced capabilities to the warfighters. 


Robotic Process Automation


Maryland WCC was looking for process automation and efficiencies with claims processing. By reducing the turn around time, WCC is servicing the workers who are getting their claims processed faster.

Our Work:

We are working on Bizagi process automation and application development on Azure Cloud. Our work provides automation to simplify claims management and processes huge volumes of data. We are automating claim verification so that there is no system delay in providing more time to file since the application sends an immediate notification as a part of the automated processing. This allows employer or insurer representatives to upload documentation from which information is extracted for award.

State Highway Association



Maryland State Highway Association was looking for PMO support and subject matter expertise in multiple areas.

Our Work:

At SHA, we provide PMO support and we facilitate the preparation, documentation, and approval of Information Technology Project Requests (ITPRs). Post ITPR approval we support the development of RFPs and eventually transition them into projects. VivSoft provides subject matter expertise in areas such as:

- Business Process

- Improvement, Change

- Management,

- Communications,

- Program/Project

- Management (PM).


3D Printing Marketplace 


US Air Force Rapid Sustainment Office (RSO) was looking for a 3D printing marketplace solution with secure supply chain management transactions. The stakeholders for the 3D printing lifecycle needed an intuitive and easy interface to manage this cutting edge process.

Our Work:

At US Air Force RSO, our solution allows 3D printing stakeholders to collaborate and print parts using a secure workflow. This framework supports integrations between service requests, procurement workflows, and predictive maintenance. We apply emerging technologies like Cloud Native services and Blockchain to address the supply chain provenance and mitigate chain of custody risk.  We provide various capabilities like metrics dashboards, personnel training, inventory management and knowledge bases. By applying and supporting integrations with AI/ML models for predictive maintenance, we will amplify the cost savings across different programs with the Air Force.


Cloud Migration using DevSecOps 


USTRANSCOM in collaboration with DIUx was looking to migrate its data center applications to AWS GovCloud using DevSecOps automation. 

Our Work:

VivSoft implemented a robust DevSecOps solution that deployed continuous integration and continuous delivery automation. The automation enabled rapid modernization of existing and new applications. We created an out of the box DevSecOps platform that was running in days. The initial pilot established a DISA SCCA compliant IL4 Landing Zone on AWS GovCloud and migrated 5 applications and refactored them to be cloud enabled. The Landing Zone and 5 application received an interim ATO in 4 months’ time from contract award. We migrated a total of 71 applications and performed assessment, refactoring and redevelopment.




Maryland State Board of Elections (SBE) needed strategic leadership and cybersecurity subject matter expertise to secure the election cycles.

Our Work:

At Maryland SBE, as a prime contractor, we are providing cybersecurity leadership and execution support for a multiple election cycles. We are working with SBE to secure elections in the 2020, 2022 and 2024 cycles. We are responsible for providing both the strategic cybersecurity roadmap as well as tactical implementation. We are developing, maintaining and overseeing agency policies, procedures and controls to address applicable information security requirements and standards. 

US Army

ARM Cloud Migration​ 


US Army Headquarters was migrating applications to Azure IaaS and PaaS services. The creation of the cloud enclaves to support the 80 applications being migrated required codified templates for different environments (Dev/Staging/Production).

Our Work:

VivSoft supported an automated cloud migration solution to Microsoft Azure Government as the cloud platform. We developed Azure Resource Management Templates that enabled rapid and consistent Infrastructure as Code (IaC) deployments. The automation accelerated the migration to DoDs Cloud Migration Framework for the 80 identified IL 2, 4 and 5 applications. By executing the migrations with templates, we were able to support DoD specific cloud security posture and naming conventions for rapid scaling.

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