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ENBUILD - Turnkey DevSecOps Platform based on Platform One's open source Big Bang.

ENBUILD simplifies the challenges in Day 1 installation and configuration of a Big Bang Kubernetes cluster. It provides a packaged approach to monitor and manage Day 2 operations with upgrades and patches to the platform and automation tools.

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Now a DoD Platform One Reseller!


Nicolas Chaillan
Air Force Chief Software Officer
Co-Lead DoD Enterprise DevSecOps Initiative

“VivSoft created ENBUILD, an intuitive and Human Centered Design focused accelerator for streamlining Platform One (P1) Big Bang deployments.
Using ENBUILD, any agency can deploy the Platform One DevSecOps platform and its automation into their own cloud or on-premises environments.”



Ruthless automation is the key to a successful deployment of DevSecOps and AI/ML capabilities at scale. We leverage GitOps and Everything as Code to make this happen.

DevSecOps Infrastructure as Code/ Configuration as Code


Turnkey deployment and parity with Platform One Big Bang. Complete compliance with the DoD Enterprise DevSecOps Ref Design 2.0

Out of the Box Deployment


Seamless authorization thanks to the reuse of the Platform One packages across the Department of Defense and its Continuous ATO.

Faster Deployment & Continuous ATO


DevSecOps is essential but you need more, we bring a full data ingestion capability, enabling MLOps day 1!

Data Ingestion & Automation

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Available anywhere on your premises, government Clouds and AWS/Azure as a prepackaged and automated deployment.

On-Premise & Multi Cloud Support


No vendor lock-in: Our tech stack is based on world renown open-source capabilities, accelerated by Platform One and our team.

No Vendor Lock-In


Ease of Use

Out-of-the-Box Security

- Packaged deployment of Big Bang using a UI based
   selection and configuration of DevSecOps pipeline

- Eliminates pain points in Big Bang deployments such
   as secrets creation and Helm configurations using
   pre-created  templates.

- Built using pre-hardened DISA compliant containers
   from Iron Bank.

- Built in GitOps and Secrets Management for enterprise
   grade deployments.

Faster Deployment and Continuous

- Deploy Big Bang in days instead of weeks / months.

- Faster path to approval through the use of Iron Bank
   accredited containers.

Prebuilt Catalog of Solutions

- AI / ML Deployments using KubeFlow.

- Secure Cloud Computing Architecture based Landing

- Data Ingestion stacks using Nifi / Kafka / Spark.

On Premise and Multi-Cloud

No Vendor Lock-in

- Support on-premise and on cloud deployments.
   Deploy anywhere from edge to commercial Clouds, to
   government Clouds and air-gapped environments.
Deploy Big Bang stacks on AWS and Azure GovCloud.
Cloud agnostic components.

- Service delivery accelerator without licensing fee.

- Open source components.


Government customers go through a challenging procurement process and costly deployment cycles to get started with DevSecOps. Our innovative procurement channel packages DoD compliant DevSecOps as a Virtual Machine available for direct purchase from AWS and Azure GovCloud Marketplaces.

Engineering teams looking to deploy DoD compliant CI/CD can now use this innovative procurement approach to get started on day one. Deploy an ENBUILD Virtual Machine from the CSP using your existing cloud account and get started with DevSecOps.

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AWS GovCloud (US) is an independent AWS region specially designed for the U.S. government agencies at a federal, state and local level to operate sensitive workloads in the cloud.


Azure Government provides sophisticated computing and analytical capabilities to support government data agencies to exploit their value and provide safe, accessible citizenship services.

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Other procurement options available to procure VivSoft ENBUILD through SBIR Phase III etc.


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Disclaimer:  Vivsoft’s DevSecOps product incorporates open-source Platform One technology under license from the United States Air Force (USAF) The USAF does not endorse or warranty this product.

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